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When “Gluten Free” Does Not Mean “Free of Gluten”

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My husband and I recently traveled to Kauai, Hawaii for a conference. We ended up having a peaceful and wonderful time, but, as usual, I was nervous to eat due to concerns about being “glutened” while traveling. I was well prepared for the long flight with fruit, nuts, water, Larabars, and other snacks. Once we arrived at the resort, however, my anxiety set in, despite being assured by the concierge that all of the cafes, restaurants, etc. in the resort had “gluten free” options available.

The first morning of our trip I went down to grab breakfast on the terrace. I had placed an order for a large coffee and a fruit bowl, when I saw a sign stating that gluten free muffins were available. I inquired about where the gluten free muffins were, and the clerk pointed to the glass case with shelves of regular muffins, croissants, and pastries. The gluten free muffins were at the bottom of the case, in the perfect location to have an ongoing shower of crumbs as the higher up regular pastries, croissants, and muffins were removed for customers. I suggested that they move the gluten free muffins to the top row to prevent cross-contamination and I mentioned that someone with Celiac Disease could get very sick from eating one of the muffins.

The next morning I was pleased to see that the gluten free muffins had been moved to the top row, but upon closer inspection, saw that they were “kissing” the gluten containing muffins next to them (see poorly taken photo from my cell phone). Sigh….

I was reminded once again that, as Celiacs, we need to be very careful to confirm that our “gluten free” food is truly gluten free and free of cross-contamination. If a “gluten free” chicken breast is grilled on the same surface as wheat-containing buns, it is not gluten free. If “gluten free” french fries are made in the same fryer as onion rings and mozzarella sticks, they are not gluten free. If “gluten free” muffins are touching gluten-containing muffins, they are not gluten free. We must always watch our muffins and we need our families and loved ones to do the same.

Fortunately, I met a woman named Marie Cassel on the island, and thanks to her 100% gluten free bakery, Sweet Marie’s, in Lihue, I ate muffins to my heart’s delight. I truly regret not eating more of them while I had the opportunity! Now we will definitely have to return to Kauai….