My New Adventure: Neonatology Home Visits and Newborn House Calls.

I stopped posting on this blog and transitioned to my new celiac website,, in early 2017 after a former disgruntled reader hacked into this site when I would not help him sue his doctor for malpractice after he failed to diagnose him with celiac disease. Although I do not post on my new site as much as I did on here I am still keeping up-to-date with celiac research and am available for celiac phone consults (email me at for more info).

I am also excited to announce that my career in medicine has taken a new trajectory! This past spring I opened a neonatology home visiting service in Cleveland, OH called Primrose Newborn Care. Through Primrose I am able to do newborn house calls, help parents of preemies transition from life in the neonatal intensive care unit to post-discharge life at home, and screen mothers for postpartum depression and other perinatal mood disorders. I also provide guidance on feeding, sleep, colic, food intolerances, rashes, and many other newborn medicine-related topics. I hope to have the ability to provide newborn video consults (telemedicine) by the end of 2018.


The website for Primrose Newborn Care can be found here. I am blogging about neonatology, the fourth trimester, newborn care and more on the website Nova Mae, MD. You can also follow me on Instagram @primrosenewborncare.